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CCBM Wins Memphis Most Award

Excerpt from the Memphis Most Magazine, a special publication of The Commercial Appeal:

“Our winners are … Home & Garden”

Posted by Jon Sparks on Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 12:11 a.m.

You may not be able to control your destiny, but you can call the shots on your environment — inside and out. Mayor Wharton dropped in on the Best Garden Store in Memphis, Midtown Nursery, and inspected the flora. “I’ve got four bags of fertilizer in the trunk of my car,” he said, and Fran Terhorst was ready to tell him the best use for it.

Terhorst is manager at the Cooper and Central location. “Midtowners are so loyal. They come here first because it’s a mom-and-pop operation,” she said. “People like the personal attention – it’s not like a big-box store. They bring their leaves, and we talk about their gardens.” A second location is open seasonally at 2794 Poplar.

If it’s your interior that needs attention, then look to Classic Cleaning by Moms, which won Best Housekeeping Service. Karen Friedman, co-owner with Yoshimi Graham, said the 10-year-old company’s motto is “Quality, detailed cleanup.”

She and Graham started the business as moms looking to make some extra money and have made sure the cleaners they hire – many of whom are moms – have the flexibility they need to be good parents. “We do good quality work and get the details, plus we’re trustworthy,” Friedman said.

Best Housekeeping Service

Winner: Classic Cleaning by Moms

Classic Cleaning by Moms was started by a couple of moms and they like to hire other moms to get your place cleaned up. After all, moms know a thing or two about that. And now they can boast a shiny Memphis Most award (but you’d still better straighten up your room).

901-382-8818 : classiccleaningbymoms.com