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About Us

“We know you will love our service!”

Most of our business is referred to us from our own customers.


Classic Cleaning by Moms, Inc. was started by two moms in 2000. We wanted a more flexible schedule in order to spend more time with our kids. By working during school hours, we were able to be there to pick up our kids from school and after school activities. Soon supper, homework, and bedtime became less stressful and more rewarding.

From the very first day, cleaning our customer’s homes with the same care as we clean our own homes was first priority. We became quite popular because we were doing the job right! Customers appreciated the quality of our work! Housework traditionally has been underappreciated but we find great pride in a job well-done.

Most of our cleaners are moms. Their family needs are varied. A few only work during school hours, some can work longer hours during the summer, and others are full-time all year round.

As moms, our kids are our highest priority! After nine years we have been, and will continue to be, sensitive to our Cleaning Moms’ needs for their children. We offer them the flexibility they require. Happier workers make the best cleaners and help us to maintain “quality detailed cleaning.”